Cursed Spirit by Amy Ravenel

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Paranormal investigators come in all kinds of different varieties. Some are on reality TV shows, hunting ghosts and possibly filming proof. Others are on fictional TV shows, crossing the country while taking out ghosts and demons alike. And several are found in the pages of books, like the members of my paranormal investigation team, Restless Spirits, Inc.

The members of Restless Spirits spend their days helping people and pet ghosts cross over while comforting the living. But every once in a while, they run into ghosts that want to take the living to the other side with them. And that’s when things get messy.

Watching and reading about other paranormal investigators inspired me to create Tristan, McKenna, Drew, Tabitha, and Aaron. And I hope they’ll be as memorable as my top three fictional investigators.

Harry Dresden – I suppose you could say the wizard from The Dresden Files is one of the originals. Harry faces all kinds of paranormal creatures, from demons to werewolves to the Fae. It always seems like the odds are against him, but somehow, he prevails.

Nick Knight – Okay, the vampire cop from Forever Knight isn’t really a paranormal investigator, but he is an investigator that is paranormal. Nick sees himself as a protector and is trying to make up for the years he spent killing people. It’s a hard job, but someone has to do it.

Nevada Baylor – The heroine in Ilona Andrew’s Hidden Legacy series is a private detective, but sometimes her cases lead her into paranormal territory. She’s not afraid to face the danger, especially since she can tell when someone is lying.

I’ve enjoyed other fictional investigators, but these three are the ones I most remember. What are a few of your favorites?

CURSED SPIRIT – Restless Spirits Book two – Drew Keane doesn’t want ghosts to attack him anymore. As the man in charge of technology at Restless Spirits, Inc., he plans to put his knowledge to good use and create a Ghost Disruptor. After all, that’s why they pay him the medium-sized bucks.

His girlfriend Jaime Liu loves antiques. When she finds the most perfect old fiddle for her house, she buys it as quick as she can. But it comes with a legend and a possible curse.

When a ghost starts to menace Jaime’s ten-year old daughter, she turns to Drew for help. Drew thinks his new Disruptor can destroy the ghost. But this ghost zeroes in on him, exposing a family secret.

Can Drew and Jaime learn why the ghost wants Drew? And can they stop it before it kills him?

Got a ghost problem? Restless Spirits, Inc., has your solution!

The Restless Spirits series follows a group of paranormal investigators as they fight ghosts and deal with their love lives.

WHITE SPIRIT follows reluctant psychic Tristan Johnson. When a ghost kills his best friend, he teams up with empath McKenna Ellison and the Restless Spirits team to stop her from killing again.

CURSED SPIRIT finds paranormal tech guy Drew Keane and his girlfriend Jaime Liu fighting to protect her daughter from a malicious ghost.

Amy Ravenel has done a bit of everything – waitressing, customer service, teaching, librarianship. But writing has been the only thing she’s ever wanted to do. She has a deep love for bookstores, the mountains, and all sorts of geeky things. A native North Carolinian, she grew up in the foothills near the inspiration for Mayberry. Today, she lives with her epically-bearded husband and her epically-furry cats.

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