Hello, my lovelies! I’ve been away, but I’m back! We had some issues with our server and then getting the site back up. Currently, we are rebuilding the site from scratch, since I lost all of my backups, so bear with us while we get everything back up.

I just wanted to drop a quick note to say hello and let everyone know what’s going on. I have a couple of exciting announcements. The first is that the audiobook for The Man Without Rules is almost finished! Hopefully it will be out sometime next month. My narrator has done an amazing job and once we get everything finished and approved I will be sure to let everyone know.

The second announcement is my partial release schedule for next year! I have been busy working on a new series and the first book in the series will release January 18! As of right now there will be five (5!) books in the series, but it was originally only supposed to be three. So, you can see that the series keeps growing.

The third announcement is the cover reveal for Rat City is August 31, so if you want to sign up to help with that and/or join the release event, click here for the sign up and click here for the event.

There’s more coming!