Rat City series

A dystopian romance series

Rat City (Rat City #1)

Rat City was just a legend, until she fell face-first into it…

Dalia deals in secrets and information. It guarantees her what equates to a charmed life among the ashes and ruin of Curr. But that alone isn’t enough to save her from the culling that has slowly wiped out what is left of the city’s human population.
Rat City is a myth, a legend leftover from a time of war, but for Dalia, it is her only saving grace. After a deal goes bad, Dalia is chased halfway across the city and into the arms of William Burke. After tending her wounds, he takes Dalia into his care and offers her a place in their underground society.

When Burke and the city’s patriarch fail to return from a simple scouting mission, Dalia insists on going along to find them. But life on the desert prairie is dangerous, and she has a secret of her own that could get her killed.
Return to Rat City (Rat City #2)

The Gods were just a myth until she landed on top of them…
For the first time since Dalia can remember, she’d found a home, and in a matter of seconds it was taken away from her. All because of who she was born to be.
Dalia has been living in exile ever since the truth came out six months ago; she is a part of the government that is hunting Rat City. The same government that wants her dead. The tree-dwelling people of the Living Forest are no less suspicious of her than Rat City was, and they have no qualms about showing it.
After a hunting accident leaves a young man on the brink of death, Dalia has no choice but to seek out the one man who can save him.
William Burke, Patriarch of Rat City.
He may kill Dalia on the spot. Or maybe he’s missed her too…but she’s not counting on it.
When the tree-dwellers betray Dalia to the same government she’s been running from her entire life, they put Burke and his people in danger as well. There’s a whole desert between them and Rat City, and a whole world of ways to die before they get there.
Rat City Remnant (Rat City #3)

The experiments were a secret until she stumbled upon them…
Dalia has been back in the capital city of Lens for four months, but she’s living a lie. Keeping her return a secret is harder than she imagined. Someone has already tried to kill her.
Big surprise.
Daeyale Vegard, her childhood friend and the ninth seat of government is her only remaining connection to this world she left behind. He’s determined to keep her safe and to pick up where they left off so many years ago. Each time she denies him he grows more suspicious
For Dalia to retake her throne she’s going to need allies, but that’s easier said than done when no one wants you alive. And it’s hard to focus on making allies when everyone you’ve ever trusted has tried to kill you.
Rat City Transcendent (Rat City #4)

Magic was just a children’s story until she discovered it inside her…
Dalia is willing to rule a world that would rather see her dead. It’s what she was born for, after all. Her government is willing to do what it takes to make sure she never regains her Seat.
And then there’s Rosa, a ghost from a past that Dalia never knew existed. Rosa wants the High Seat too. In a way, they were both born for it, but only one of them is worthy.
One by one, members of The Seat and their heirs are being murdered. There is unrest in the capitol and civil war may be on the horizon. In the end, the city that rejected Dalia will need her. Will it be too little too late?
Rat City Desolate (Rat City #5)

Evil was nonexistent until she knocked on its door…

Lens is still reeling from the civil war that tore through its streets months ago. Dalia is back in her rightful place, The High Seat. Naturally, she’s expected to fix it all. Yesterday. And with her limited resources she’s doing everything she can. But there’s an unrelated concern making it hard to focus.
Dae is missing. He left to rekindle political relations and hasn’t been heard from since. He’s contacted her with the secret code they used as kids, but it’s not THEIR code. It’s wrong.
To hell with Lens. She has to find Dae. So, Dalia goes to Phila, the last place he was known to be. But what she finds will rock her to the core. After this, Dalia will never be the same.