Without Rules series

An erotic romance series

The Man Without Rules (Without Rules #1)

Sebastian Boa defies all the rules. There isn’t a woman who doesn’t want the notoriety of being in his bed. When he crosses paths with Mariss Red at one of his clubs, his interest is quickly piqued, and he sets out to make a play for the confident beauty. But Mariss is married, and she has no desire to lose what she loves for a one night stand with the indulgent playboy.
When an attempt is made on Mariss’ life, Sebastian rushes to her side. Those closest to him know that it’s only a matter of time before his new infatuation causes him to crash and burn.

For a man who lives on the edge, the Rules of the chase become clear at the start. If he wants to win Mariss, he will have to play on her turf. Boundaries and all. The harder Sebastian tries, the more Mariss refuses, and the harder it gets to keep his control. The Man Without Rules finds himself changing to be worthy of the one woman who has ever told him no.

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The Red Wife (Without Rules #2)

Mariss Red is wholly devoted to her husband, Holden. Despite her fling with Sebastian Boa a few months ago, her husband has her heart. But Holden knows about Mariss’ little indiscretion. Now, the three of them have a whole new set of rules.
Their sex life isn’t the only thing making waves. Things are further complicated by the return of people Mariss hoped were gone from her life for good. When dark secrets from Mariss’ past surface, it puts everyone in her life in danger. The loss of the one thing that means more to her than life itself turns Mariss’ life upside down in a way she never thought possible.
As The Red Wife struggles to put her life back together with pieces from a different puzzle, she must decide which picture she wants to paint.
The Power Couple (Without Rules #3)

After the loss of her husband and her preterm baby, Mariss Red is finally starting to put her life back together. She’s in a semi-stable relationship and her publishing business is doing well. None of that can fill the hole in her heart, but she’s a survivor. Her newest obstacle? Maneuvering the hazy boundaries of an open relationship with a man who can’t be bound by rules.
Sebastian Boa, The Man Without Rules, struggles to live an honorable life. Mariss meets and approves any woman he happens to bring home and things are going well, aside from the occasional miscommunication. It’s bound to happen, since he’s never been in a steady relationship before. But he knows Mariss is keeping something from him, and he knows it’s probably another man.
A trip to Paris is meant to be a romantic break for the strange couple, but it ends up in disaster when Sebastian catches Mariss with her secret lover. Add a crazed fangirl trying to seduce Sebastian, a man who has found that rules just might work for him after all. If it means he keeps Mariss in his life. It seems The Power Couple may never catch a break.
The Silent Partner (Without Rules #2)

A year and a half has passed since the car accident that left Mariss Red hospitalized, but she is healing and her life is back to normal. Well, as normal as possible for a woman who lost her husband and child, and for a man who didn’t believe in love.
Sebastian Boa now has a steady partner and two children to take care of. The four of them live in London and are working to shake free of the horrific events that brought them together. Christmas is on the horizon and the couple is looking forward to hosting both of their families and their friends for the holidays.
Mariss has a secret. She’s struggling with her dark side. Something happened when she was attacked, something that makes it hard to keep her fractured personality from surfacing. To make matters worse, someone from her past has decided to resurface and no one is ready to deal with it.
Sebastian knows Mariss is keeping something from him. He also knows that at any moment she could realize just what a huge mistake she made in loving a man like him. And a man like him knows it’s best to cut ties early, before he can get hurt or hurt her.
Problem is, he’s not that man anymore, and he’s not sure he wants to live without the woman who changed him so completely.