Are you living your Red Life?

About The Show

The Red Life is a podcast devoted to guiding authors, artists, creatives, and entrepreneurs through the murky waters of business and marketing. Every two weeks a guest is interviewed about their business and marketing tactics.

What is The Red Life?

The Red Life is influenced by the character Mariss Red from The Without Rules series and the life and career she built for herself. The Red Life symbolizes the lives and careers we want to build for ourselves.

Guests on the Show

Eva Pohler – Young adult author
Angela Pride – Author of When Women Lead and Public Speaker
Gisela Hausmann – Author of Naked Determination
Christiana Connor – Actress, model, and cosplayer

The Host

Tyffani Clark Kemp is a multi genre author and the owner of SideStreet Cookie Publishing LLC. She has worked in publishing for nine years, observing the industry and community. Her desire is to help creatives and entrepreneurs build their confidence and learn to market their work and build sustainable careers.

Listen to The Red Life Podcast

Minisode #5: Encouraging Others Through our Life Experiences The Red Life Podcast

Our experiences in life help us connect with people going through the same things. In this minisode, Christiana talks about the children she's met as a cosplayer and how her social anxiety has helped her connect with and give courage to these children suffering with the same things. Connect with Christiana through Instagram @PrincessChristiana
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