Rat City Desolate (Rat City #5)

Evil was nonexistent until she knocked on its door…

Lens is still reeling from the civil war that tore through its streets months ago. Dalia is back in her rightful place, The High Seat. Naturally, she’s expected to fix it all. Yesterday. And with her limited resources she’s doing everything she can. But there’s an unrelated concern making it hard to focus.

Dae is missing. He left to rekindle political relations and hasn’t been heard from since. He’s contacted her with the secret code they used as kids, but it’s not THEIR code. It’s wrong.

To hell with Lens. She has to find Dae. So, Calia goes to Phila, the last place he was known to be. But what she finds will rock her to the core. After this, Dalia will never be the same.