Whiskey and Honey by Heather Lauren

Whiskey and Honey by Heather Lauren

The rain outside beats down harder, the drumming sound filling the room. The sun went down hours ago, and the lighting is dim with most of the lights no longer working. The setting is comically romantic, and I notice his eyes locked on my lips. The magnetic pull I always feel around him is magnified by the way he’s looking at me. He steps forward first, and I lose all inhibitions, closing the distance between us.

I reach up and grab the back of his neck and pull his lips to mine, inhaling his sultry smell. He pushes his lips harder against mine and groans. Large hands grab my ribs and bring me tight against his body. Heat radiates off him even though his clothes are soaking wet. If I let myself think about what’s happening, I’ll ruin it, so I push back and enjoy it. I suck on his lower lip, and soon he moves his hands down to my ass, squeezing and picking me up effortlessly.

He walks us back to a washer where he sets me down gently and cups my face, only to deepen the kiss. His tongue meets mine, and it’s like pouring gasoline on a fire. My legs are still wrapped around him, and I pull him closer just to feel him through his sweats. I’m in luck and he’s already hard and ready and feels so good against me. My body is running on pure lust as I grind against him shamelessly and I know he feels the same way when he pulls me tight against his erection to help me feel all of him. Declan runs his lips across my jaw, cheek, then to my neck. He kisses his way to my ear and whispers in a deep sex-fueled voice that gives me goosebumps,

“Nora, you’re making all my fantasies come true right now, but I know this can’t be where you want to do this.”

My eyes pop open and the sex haze clears. I gasp out of the trance and pull my head back and our eyes meet. I’m breathing heavy, and I see the regret of mentioning it swirling in his dark-blue eyes.

“I’m sorry,” I say, righting myself on top of the washer, and he backs away, just out of my embrace. My fingers fly to my mouth that misses his lips already. I watch him adjust himself and mourn the loss of the moment.

“Please don’t be sorry,” he says, shaking his head and looking apologetic and vulnerable.

“It’s not that I don’t want you; I just come with baggage you wouldn’t understand,” I say, running my hand down his shirt across his toned abs, unable to stop touching him.

“Why don’t you give me a chance. Let me take you out, like you deserve. Fuck you properly in a bed of your choice.” A cocky smile graces his face when I look up from my trailing fingers.

I laugh, glad the moment’s awkwardness is gone.

“I’m not really someone who gets the luxury to do such things. I have too many responsibilities.” I say, staring at his amazing mouth. Now that I know how good they feel on mine, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to think about anything else.

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Heather is a mom of three who loves coffee, tacos and a good adult beverage. In that order ? She spends her extra time reading steamy romance whenever she’s not writing it. Her family means everything to her, and she credits her inspiration to her adoring future husband. They live in sunny Arizona with a fluffy husky named Nico and love to find adventure whenever possible.

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