Whisper Cover Reveal

All hail the queen…

Liess used to be pretty. She wore the finest in sparkle and attended the best parties. Sophronia’s notorious bet runner trusted her to bring him the city’s most salacious secrets. She was his queen.

Then she married Jevin, and Liess gave up her sparkle to be a wife and teacher. But she doesn’t feel pretty anymore.

The Governor’s daughter is pregnant. They claim Jevin is the father, and he refuses to deny it. Liess just doesn’t know why Jevin would lie despite evidence mounting in his favor.

Liess returns to the glittering underground she once ruled in order to find out what Jevin is hiding. His secrets prove much darker than infidelity. Secrets that will expose a conspiracy decades in the making. 

And someone else has been waiting for his queen to return.

Whisper Cover Reveal


“Master?” she said. “He goes by Master now?”

Tani shrugged a shoulder. “It’s different in each club, really. Depends on his mood.”

The server poured their glasses, the bubbles rising just above the rim but never spilling over.

“To freedom!” Tani said, raising her glass and clinking it against Liess’.

“To freedom and the dance floor.”

Liess sipped, not really relishing the fact that she might be free, or would be soon. Tani wouldn’t understand. Not really. Liess loved her like a sister, but Tani couldn’t understand the pain that seized her chest when Liess thought about what all of this meant.

Liess looked up in time to see the whole club freeze and turn, like the air had been driven from everyone’s lungs at the same time by the same driving force. Her eyes were pulled to the man who stood above them on the turning dais. He faced them, his eyes on her, a glass of champagne in his hand that he raised just enough in an imperceptible toast only she would notice.

If she thought time would work on him the same way it worked on everyone else, she was wrong. Jimorgaloth Tervanious was not a normal person. He was tall, hovering somewhere around seven feet. But the way he held himself, back straight and head high like he owned the world, his sharp eyes seeing everything, he seemed to be a giant. And that mouth. His perfect mouth was set in a look of perpetual sardonicism. His lips twitched now as she stared at him, taking in the way his features, always so sharp and pronounced, softened ever so slightly with humor and amusement. Those perfect lips quickly turned down in a frown of disappointment.

Liess realized, as Tani called her name, her hand on Liess’ knee in comfort, that she was crying.

Thank you for joining me for the Whisper cover reveal! There is more to come very soon!

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