Whisper series

An SFF romance series

Whisper (Whisper #1)

Liess used to be pretty. She wore the finest in sparkle and attended the best parties. Sophronia’s notorious bet runner trusted her to bring him the city’s most salacious secrets. She was his Queen.

Then she married Jevin, and Liess gave up her sparkle to be a wife and teacher. But she doesn’t feel pretty anymore.

The Governor’s daughter is pregnant. They claim Jevin is the father, and he refuses to deny it. Liess just doesn’t know why Jevin would lie despite evidence mounting in his favor.

Liess returns to the glittering underground she once ruled in order to find out what Jevin is hiding. His secrets prove much darker than infidelity. Secrets that will expose a conspiracy decades in the making.

And someone else has been waiting for his Queen to return.